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Waking LyraWaking Lyra (Waking Series)

High school senior Lyra Canning has big plans for her last winter break. She’s not waiting until college to stop being the asthmatic art geek — or a Sleeping Beauty, her school’s slur for virgins.

College freshman Brayden Welds is in town for one reason, and it’s not to attend the party his friend drags him to — until he meets Lyra.

When Lyra, her ex, Brayden, and fate meet, her break doesn’t end quite as she expects.

Coming Soon…April 2016

What I’m Reading To Improve My Writing

What can you do to improve your writing except write until you have carpal tunnel, read fiction and read books about the craft? Classes, critique groups, and a lot of other “writerly” stuff I’ll explore another time.

I have a stack of writing books I’ve read about improving your writing skills that I intend to post one day. I’m sure they’re some of the same ones most new writers are reading. I decided to concentrate on college-level textbooks now instead of the how-to-be-a-writer kind of books I’ve been reading. The one I’m reading at the moment, Writing Fiction, 8th Edition by Janet Burroway, I’m happy with. It’s not that long but has some good overall writing advice and a lot of examples which I need. It’s specifically for literary fiction but applicable to genre writing as well.

Next book on my list which is probably very similar to Burroway’s is The Story and Its Writer, 8th Edition, by Ann Charters. I haven’t ordered it yet but I intend to in the next couple of weeks.


I’m Elly Loughlin and I’m just beginning my journey to becoming a writer. I’m currently employed in the IT industry and I really need a change. I’ve always loved to read fiction and non-fiction, but in recent years, I haven’t read much except for technical IT books. I know it’s a long shot but I would love to become a full-time writer.

This is all new to me but I’m excited to be doing something that I could potentially love.I don’t know where this journey will take me but I’m ready to give it my all for the next year or two, after work and on the weekends. I hope to publish it in the next few months…

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Elly Loughlin lives in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area with family. She enjoys writing, reading fiction, especially romance of all types, and spending time with family and friends. She is one of those authors who thought for years she would like to be a writer but waited until later in life to go for it.